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Blueberry Compost | A Natural Organic Supplement

At EARTHCO we are particular about what type of compost we use.

Our Premium Quality Triple Mix Garden Soil is made with blueberry compost collected in our own trucks from the largest processor of wild blueberries in the world, the Oxford Frozen Foods plant in Oxford, Nova Scotia. We control this by-product from the factory to our screening plant.

There are cheaper composts on the market, but knowing exactly what goes in to the compost allow us to ensure its integrity.

Knowing the source of the compost and maintaining its quality is important to us and to our customers, particularly where food consumption is concerned.

Many of our customers also use our blueberry compost to supplement their existing gardens because of its natural qualities along with the comfort of knowing we control the supply and process in its entirety.

A Personalized Approach
Processing Facilities in:
Sackville, N.S.
Rawdon, N.S.
Oxford, N.S.