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Mulches | Natural Bark and Colour Enhanced Mulch

EARTHCO Resources offers mulch that is ideal for moisture retention and for garden beautification purposes. We offer two types of mulch, aged natural bark and colour-enhanced wood mulches salvaged from the wood harvesting process.

Aged natural bark mulch

We strive to produce a freshly-ground blend of softwood species. This natural bark mulch is aromatic and is medium to dark brown colour. It has a finely shredded uniform texture that knits together very well. Over time, through decomposition and decay, this mulch will age to a black colour and once fully decayed will become a nutrient rich material that increases soil fertility. This type of mulch is frequently specified by landscape consultants.

Colour enhanced wood mulches

Our colour enhanced dyed wood mulch is made with the same dedication to quality, and is ground to a fine to medium texture. We harvest our own raw materials to ensure the process begins properly. Stocked colours are black and red. The long lasting colourant is environmentally friendly and is UV stable. Once fully dried it does not wash away. Other colours available on special order and subject to minimum tractor trailer load lots.

A Personalized Approach
Processing Facilities in:
Sackville, N.S.
Rawdon, N.S.
Oxford, N.S.