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The Importance of pH Levels, Soil Depth and Compaction

When it comes to new lawns it is important to know about the proper pH, recommended soil depth and soil compaction. Ensure you purchase the proper soil and apply it in sufficient depth to have a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Why is pH so important?

Nearly all plants prefer the pH of the soil to be in the neutral zone (6.5 – 7.5) in order to flourish. Plants are able to absorb and assimilate nutrients much more easily when the soil has the proper pH. Plants suffer in a soil with an elevated pH. Our pH targets for lawn soil is 7 and for garden soil 6.5.

Recommended Soil Depth and Compaction

Landscape architects generally recommend 6 inches of compacted topsoil for new lawns. Manufactured topsoil is generally screened and as such it will compact approximately 10% once spread. Garden soil will compact between 15-20% depending on organic content. Compaction should be considered when ordering all soil mixes. We recognize the home owner’s budget often will influence the soil depth.


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