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Things to consider when requesting a quotation

When requesting a quotation please advise what product you require, what quantity you require and where the product will be delivered.

As a part of the supplier selection process, please consider the following.

Compare Supplier Websites

Look to see if the suppliers provide key information about their products.
For example:

  • Do they make a soil that meets or exceeds a landscape architect's specification.
  • Do they publish their organic content and the pH for their soil mixes?
  • Do they use sand in various gradations or primarily silt?

Prices per Cubic Yard vs. Prices per Truck Load

We strongly recommend that anyone requesting a quote from a supplier ask for a price per cubic yard rather than a price per truck load. The reason is simple. Not all trucks of the same general classification have the same capacity and obtaining a price by the truckload does not tell you how many cubic yards is in the load.

Tandem trucks in particular can vary significantly in terms of capacity. Newer model full size tandems, properly equipped, can usually carry up to 16 cubic yards. Older models and less than full size tandems may only have a 12-14 cubic yard capacity.

A 12 cubic yard truck load is 25% less than a 16 cubic yard truck load while a 14 cubic yard load is 12.5% less.

Our tandems are full size, late model, trucks and are capable of carrying 16 cubic yards.

Our Delivery Capabilities

In Halifax Metro
From 3 cubic yards to 33 cubic yards for our various soil mixes. From 3 cubic yards to 60 cubic yards for natural bark mulch, dyed enhanced ground wood mulch, screened blueberry compost, micro wood chips and natural ground wood (undyed), in 1 ton, 3 ton, full size tandems, tandem trailers and tridem trailers, in the greater Halifax metropolitan area, Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm. Pre-booked Saturday deliveries from 8am to 2pm, May to mid-June, subject to weather conditions.

Throughout Nova Scotia, southern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Tractor trailer loads up to 60 cubic yards of natural bark mulch, dyed enhanced ground wood mulch and screened blueberry compost, Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm. Pre-booked Saturday deliveries from 8am to 2pm, May to mid-June, subject to weather conditions.

There are times immediately following heavy rains that our load capacities will decrease as moisture content will increase the weight of the various soil mixes. During such instances this generally lasts no more than two days. Spring weight restrictions also affect carrying capacities.

Minimum Order

3 cubic yards (Our bucket size is 3 cubic yards hence the minimum shown.) 3 cubic yards weighs approximately 3 tons. This quantity is too heavy for ½ and ¾ ton trucks and small trailers. Our loader bucket is approximately 7 feet 6 inches wide. Trailers must be at least 8 feet 6 inches long to be loaded and have a load capacity of at least 3 tons.

This site is not always manned so call first if you would like to pick up.


Call us for a quotation at 405-7800 or place your Order
Our prices are quoted by the cubic yard. Taxes are extra if applicable.
Payment Terms

Cash, Visa and Master Card, credit on approved commercial accounts.

A Personalized Approach
Processing Facilities in:
Sackville, N.S.
Rawdon, N.S.
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