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Many people purchase natural mulch thinking they are getting the benefits of bark mulch.

Bark Mulch vs Natural Mulch

Bark Mulch

  • Bark mulch is made with 100% bark.
  • Bark mulch has a lower pH than natural mulch.
  • Weeds tend not to like the lower pH.
  • Landscape architects specify bark mulch because of the lower pH.

Natural Mulch

  • Natural mulch is generally made from ground partially decayed wood sometimes mixed with a small amount of bark mulch or compost to darken it up to make it look like bark mulch.
  • Natural mulch has a higher pH than bark mulch.
  • The higher pH is an ideal growing medium, which most weeds tend to like, compared to the lower pH of bark mulch.
  • If natural mulch were comparable to bark mulch landscape architects would include it in their mulch specification. They do not for the reasons noted above.

We manufacture four types of mulch:

  • Double Grind Bark Mulch - Our double grind bark mulch is recognized for its fine texture and dark colour.
  • Single Grind Bark Mulch - Our single grind bark mulch has larger pieces of bark, generally up to 2" in size, sometimes a bit larger, along with bark fines and has a dark colour.
  • Natural Mulch - Our natural mulch is a combination of ground HRM Christmas trees along with other brush and chipped wood. This is not bark mulch and it is not as dark as bark mulch. It is an inexpensive ground cover and we price it considerably lower than bark mulch.
  • Colour Enhanced Mulch - Our colour enhanced mulch is made from kiln dried lumber obtained from saw mills. This material, often used for generating electricity at bio-mass plants, is recycled by us to make beautiful landscape mulch. We don't cut trees to make our coloured mulch.
    • Our black mulch is made with a charcoal pigment and red using an iron oxide pigment. All are environmentally friendly naturally occurring elements.
  • NOTE - Coloured mulch requires one to two days to dry, depending on the mulch depth, to avoid fading. Avoid placing if rain is forecast within 48 hours.

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