Soils and Amendments

From 20% to 100% organic

All of our loamy soils, whether for new lawns, gardens, or top dressing for existing lawns, are screened through 1/2" screen to ensure our products exceed the industry standard which is a 3/4" screen.

We use only compost, no manures, to minimize the potential for weeds.

Landscape architects' specifications require soils to be made with sand not silt. Silt dries out in the summer, the ground becomes very hard and little moisture penetrates the soil, causing grass roots to become weakened and weeds tend to take over.

Our soils are made with proper gradations of sand. You will not find hard clumps in our soils

Commercial Quality Lawn Soil
  • Used primarily by landscaper contractors, this lawn soil contains 20% organic content by volume. During dry weather we blend natural topsoil into our soil.
Premium Seed Quality Lawn Soil
  • Our premium seed quality lawn soils contain 30% organic by volume (50% more organic content that our commercial quality topsoil). We only charge for the additional compost which is $3.00 more per yard. All other manufacturing costs are the sane as for the commercial quality lawn soil.
  • Our Premium Seed Quality lawn soil has been a preferred soil mix for those who recognize the importance of organic content particularly when using seed as opposed to sod.
Commercial Quality Garden Soil
  • Used primarily for flower gardens by landscape contractors, this garden soil has 40% organic content by volume.
Premium Quality Triple Mix Garden Soil
  • Preferred by most home gardeners for vegetable gardens and plantings, this garden soil has 60% organic content by volume
Lawn Top Dressing
  • 100% Compost - We recommend 100% compost where the topsoil is less than 4 inches and where the grass plants need additional depth for a healthy root system or where the lawn is more than a few years old and needs an organic boost. Cut the grass short and apply " to 1" of compost. Water after applying to move the compost closer to the soil and to assist with the nutrient transfer to the soil.
  • 60% Compost and 40% proper gradations of sand - We recommend this soil mix when the lawn dries out and becomes very hard in the summer, generally the result of the original topsoil being manufactured with silt. First, cut your lawn fairly short and then aerate it. Rake the aerated plugs off the lawn. Apply the sand/compost mix and try to get it into the holes left from the aeration process. This will get sand and compost lower into the soil to help loosen it and give a nutrient boost to the grass plants.

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