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When requesting a quotation please advise what product you require, what quantity you require and where the product will be delivered, and we will provide you with a quotation.

Prices per Cubic Yard vs. Prices per Truck Load

Tandem truck capacities can vary significantly in terms of capacity, generally 12 to 16 cubic yards. When looking for prices ask how many cubic yards their tandem truck can haul.

Our Delivery Capabilities

Metro Halifax

Our small one-ton dump truck can haul up to 3.5 cubic yards of gravel, 5 cubic yards lawn soil, 6 cubic yards of garden soil, 9 cubic yards bark mulch and compost, and 12 cubic yards of coloured mulch.

Our tandem truck can haul up to 16 cubic yards of soil and 20 cubic yards of mulch.

Our tractor trailers can haul up to 33 cubic yards of soil and 60 cubic yards of mulch.

The above quantities are based on dry material.


Operating hours Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm or later, depending on demand and weather conditions, and Saturday 8am to 2pm May and June only.

Payment Terms

Cash, Visa and Master Card, credit on approved commercial accounts.

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