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.: Welcome to the online home of EARTHCO Resources Inc.

We trust you will find our web site helpful and we look forward to the opportunity to provide a quotation for your landscape requirements.

EARTHCO, a family owned and operated business, is one of the largest wholesale and retail suppliers of premium organic soil mixes and premium grade mulches, both natural bark and coloured enhanced dyed wood mulch in Nova Scotia.

We take pride in securing the right raw materials, the right texture and percentages of silt, sand, clay and compost (the organic content), including blueberry compost, to create premium quality organic soil mixes.

All of our loamy soils whether for new lawns, gardens, top dressing for existing lawns, sports field mix, or golf course divot mix are screened through a maximum ¾” screen.

Our premium triple mix garden soil is made with Blueberry Compost. We control this product from the world’s largest wild blueberry processing plant in Oxford, Nova Scotia to our soil processing facility.

To minimize the exposure to weed seeds that blow in the wind we try to maintain only one months supply of our various soil mixes at any one time.

A Personalized Approach
Processing Facilities in:
Sackville, N.S.
Rawdon, N.S.
Oxford, N.S.