Blueberry Compost

We are noticing a significant increase in requests for blueberry compost and triple mix garden soil, and in large quantities, as families appear to be pursuing home grown produce, we suspect, partially because of Covid-19.

Because of this increase we will be limiting the amount of blueberry compost per customer to 5 cubic yards.

The exception will be for community gardens which will be able to purchase quantities similar to previous year purchases and we will try to meet the needs of new community gardens.

Blueberry compost is slightly acidic, so we do not recommend peat moss be added to our triple mix garden soil. Other nutrients and fertilizers can be added to enhance plant growth.

For customers who wish to process their own garden mix we suggest compost should be mixed with a sand base to ensure proper drainage. As an example, we strive to have a minimum of 60% compost and 40% sand, by volume, in our triple mix garden soil.