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Welcome to Earthco Premium Soils Inc.

EARTHCO, a family owned and operated business, established in 2005, is one of the largest manufacturers and providers in Nova Scotia of premium organic soil mixes, premium quality mulches, compost and landscape gravels.

Environmentally Conscious:

  • We recycle blueberry waste and leaves into high quality compost.
  • We recycle Christmas trees into natural mulch.
  • We recycle bark from saw mills, often burned at bio-mass plants, into Double Grind Bark Mulch.
  • We recycle kiln dried lumber from saw mills, often burned at bio-mass plants, into high quality coloured mulch.

Recognizable Quality:

  • Recognized by many industry professionals for our high quality Seed Quality Lawn Soil, Blueberry and Leaf Compost, Triple Mix Garden Soil, Double Grind Bark Mulch and Coloured Mulch.

Our products


We take pride in securing the right raw materials; compost (the organic content), including blueberry compost and leaf compost, proper gradations of sand and a small percentage of clay or silt to create premium quality organic soil mixes.


Premium quality screened blueberry compost and leaf compost for garden amendments and top dressing. Our blueberry compost is naturally sourced from blueberry processors and our leaf compost is sourced from HRM.


We use kiln dried lumber to manufacture our premium quality colour enhanced mulch at our Sackville processing site. Similar care is taken in manufacturing our double grind and single grind "bark" mulch and our "natural" mulch.

landscape gravels

Landscape gravels are sourced from our sandpits and quarry gravels from our quarry in Hants County.

All are screened and sized to meet industry standards.

Custom Work

We often get requests for non-standard products, whether soil mixes or ground material. Let us know what you require and we will let you know if we can do it.

HOME OWNER Prices for small loads

Prices shown are for small loads up to 5 cubic yards. For orders greater than 5 cu yards please contact out office for pricing. Delivery and HST extra.


Soil & Compost:

Commercial lawn soil 20% organic $22.00 per cu yd
Seed quality lawn soil - 30% organic $25.00 per cu yd
Commercial garden soil - 40% organic $29.00 per cu yd
Triple mix garden soil - 60% organic $38.00 per cu yd
Top dressing (leaf compost) - 100% organic $44.00 per cu yd
Garden compost (blueberry compost) - 100% organic $50.00 per cu yd

Mulch & Ground Wood

Natural mulch ground trees and branches, aged 1 year $32.00 per cu yd
Bark mulch single grind $36.00 per cu yd
Premium bark mulch double grind $38.00 per cu yd
Coloured mulch ground kiln dried lumber $46.00 per cu yd
Natural ground wood uncoloured and not aged $36.00 per cu yd

Landscape Stone & Gravel

Peastone 3/8" to 5/8" unwashed (let the rain do the washing) $42.00 per cu yd
Beach stone 1" to 3" unwashed (let the rain do the washing) $38.00 per cu yd
Stone 1" clear ideal for drainage $29.00 per cu yd
Gravel Type 1 / Class B < 19mm ideal for driveways $27.00 per cu yd
Micro dust / crusher dust $29.00 per cu yd

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