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At EARTHCO We Manufacture & Process What We Sell

(Except for winter road salt)


We take pride in securing the right raw materials; compost (the organic content), including blueberry compost and leaf compost, proper gradations of sand and a small percentage of clay or silt to create premium quality organic soil mixes.

Premium quality screened blueberry compost and leaf compost for garden amendments and top dressing. Our blueberry compost is naturally sourced from blueberry processors and our leaf compost is sourced from HRM.

We use kiln dried lumber to manufacture our premium quality colour enhanced mulch at our Sackville processing site. You will find no wood chips in our mulch. Similar care is taken in manufacturing our double grind and single grind "bark" mulch.

Landscape gravels are sourced from our sandpits and quarry gravels from our family's quarry in Hants County. All are screened and sized to meet industry standards.


We often get requests for non-standard products, whether soil mixes or ground material.
Let us know what you require and we will let you know if we can do it.

If our Customers are Successful, we are Successful

Community Recognition

EARTHCO soil has been an amazing addition to our farm, its high organic content gives us the type of soil our urban farm needs. We get excited every time we have to place an order because I know that the soil they bring will enable us to grow more food for our community.

Rob MacNeish, Farm Coordinator

Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

The quality of the soil and mulch received from EARTHCO is great, even my landscaper was impressed and has been using their products on many other projects since. Before dealing with EARTHCO, I did not realize the big difference quality soil can make. Thank you!

Tim Dittmer

Best place around for purchasing landscaping materials. Great service and quality products. Highly recommend.

Craiglan Gushmore

Purchased 4 tandem loads of the Premium Seed Soil. Product is way better than the place I purchased from last year. Driver was amazing.

Step Til

Excellent business to deal with! Bought 17 yards of garden soil, 8 yards of pea gravel and over 5 yards of black mulch for our property.

Joe Selwa

Friendly and patient staff, great products at great prices.

Brian Hunt



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On the left is blueberry compost, to the right kiln ground lumber for our coloured mulch and in the foreground and background id bark mulch.


Small Contractor and Homeowner Prices for up to 5 cubic yards

Prices shown are for small loads up to 5 cubic yards. For orders greater than 5 cu yards please contact our office for pricing. Delivery and HST extra.

Soil & Compost:

Commercial lawn soil – 20% organic $26.00 per cu yd
Seed quality lawn soil - 30% organic $29.00 per cu yd
Commercial garden soil - 40% organic $35.50 per cu yd
Triple mix garden soil - 60% organic $46.00 per cu yd
Top dressing (leaf compost) - 100% organic $49.50 per cu yd
Garden compost (blueberry compost) - 100% organic $56.00 per cu yd

Mulch & Ground Wood

Bark mulch – single grind $40.50 per cu yd
Premium bark mulch – double grind $41.50 per cu yd
Coloured mulch – ground kiln dried lumber $51.75 per cu yd
Natural ground wood – uncoloured and not aged $39.50 per cu yd

Landscape Stone & Gravel

Peastone 3/8" to 5/8" unwashed (let the rain do the washing) $50.50 per cu yd
Beach stone 1" to 3" unwashed (let the rain do the washing) $46.00 per cu yd
Gravel Type 1 / Class B < 19mm – ideal for driveways $32.00 per cu yd
Clear stone 3/4" clear – ideal for drainage $31.00 per cu yd
Crusher dust / Micro dust $32.00 per cu yd

Delivery Information

Delivery Areas

We are expanding our delivery coverage to meet the demand for high quality landscape products. At Earthco we manufacturer and sell what we make.

We deliver to Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and suburban areas including Westwood, Boutiliers Point, Hacket's Cove, Brookside, Harrietsfield, Herring Cove, Mount Uniacke, Oakfield, Lantz, Porters Lake, Lawrencetown, Eastern Passage, and areas in between these outer points.

Deliveries to some areas noted above will be dependent on landscape material type and quantity.

Also, throughout Nova Scotia for larger quantities of selected product:

  • Shipment of 65 cubic yards of bark mulch, coloured mulch and ground wood within 200 km of Lower Sackville.
  • Shipments of 80 to 120 cubic yards or more of bark mulch, coloured mulch or ground wood throughout Nova Scotia.

Contact our office for details (902) 405-7800 or by email

Truck Capacity

Our late model fleet and typical capacities subject to moisture content:

  • Small dump truck - capable of hauling 3.5 cu yds of gravel, 4 cu yds of lawn soil, 5 cu yds of triple mix garden soil, 8 cu yds of bark mulch, coloured mulch, compost or ground wood.
  • Tandem dump truck – capable of hauling 12 cu yds of gravel (approx. 15 tons), 15 cu yds of lawn soil, 16 cu yds of triple mix garden soil, 18 cu yds of bark mulch, coloured mulch or ground wood.
  • Tandem end dump - capable of hauling 18 cu yds of gravel (approx. 21 tons), 24 to 26 cu yds of lawn soil, 30 cu yds of triple mix garden soil and 30 cu yds of bark mulch, coloured mulch or ground wood.
  • Tridem end dumps - capable of hauling 30 to 32 cu yds of lawn soil, 40 cu yds of triple mix garden soil, 65 cu yds of bark mulch, coloured mulch or ground wood.
  • Quad axel conveyor floor – 75 to 80 cu yds of bark mulch or 120 plus cu yds of coloured mulch or ground natural wood.
Hours of Operation

Contractor Hours - Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm or later, depending on demand and weather conditions. Saturday on request.

Homeowner Hours - Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm depending on weather conditions, and Saturday 8 am to 2 pm May and June only.

Payment Terms

Cash, Visa and Master Card, credit on approved commercial accounts.

NOTE: Trailers must be utility type with open top and be a minimum of 6 feet long. We no longer permit shoveling or bagging for safety reasons.
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